Esther Singer




Data infrastructure, Software development

Project Description

The project is aimed at establishing links between existing global and internal databases and bioinformatics analysis tools. We currently have a web app programmed in R that takes soil chemistry data, sensor data, DNA sequence data and plant phenotypic data and links these data inputs to run various statistical analyses, including machine learning algorithms. The goal of this project is to expand of our web app to be connected to other existing tools hosted online and internally at the Joint Genome Institute. We are looking for a creative solution to our program that could involve translation of our R web app into python or java in order to integrate better with other applications. This project is open to the solution path taken and calls for a driven student who is interested in familiarizing themselves with data infrastructure and applying their computational development skills to building an infrastructure that could be ground-breaking for a number of biological research areas.


software development, computational biology, bioinformatics, programming in R and/or python and/or C++

Expected time commitment

flexible, full-time or 3-5 full days per week

Preferred start time:

June 1