Miaw-Sheue Tsai


Biological Systems and Engineering Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


DNA repair, protein complexes, protein-protein interactions, recombinant protein expression technologies from vector constructions to protein purification

Project Description

My lab is an integral part of a multi-investigator (24) and multi-institutional (18) Program Project with interdisciplinary efforts optimized to meet extreme challenges of characterizing transient and dynamic protein complexes and conformations that control the assembly and function of DNA repair machines. We are a team-based, interactive, collaborative, and energetic research group that specialize in advanced cloning, expression and protein purification technologies to support and provide consistent, high quality key reagents (including vectors, proteins and cell products) and protein partnership information to jump-start Project and Program efforts.


Junior or senior standing, taken chemistry and biology lectures and lab courses, familiar with wet lab settings; punctual, organized, reliable, communicative, responsive, inquisitive, attention to detail, independent, team player

Expected time commitment

15-20 hours per week or 3 days a week (5-6 hours each day), 10-12 weeks

Preferred start time:

6/1/2020 Monday