Q: Your experience with the class (general vibe, difficulty, workload, etc.)?

A1: (F21, Prof: John Kuryian) It was fun. It was easy. There’s no homework as long as you attend the undergraduate tutor sessions.

A2: (F21, Prof: John Kuryian) Definitely one of my hardest courses I have taken. Problem sets every week which test your knowledge and makes you apply it. Study a lot to pass

A3: (F21, Prof: John Kuryian) The class was definitely challenging and a big workload but there were resources there to help you succeed. The weekly problem sets were challenging and time consuming but definitely helped you to understand the material. Definitely use the undergraduate tutoring sessions to help you understand the material better.

A4: (F21, Prof: John Kuryian) Since it was conducted online, it was a bit difficult to connect with the professor, but he was enthusiastic about the subjects. Problem sets were due every week with around 5 questions (potentially with multiple parts) and there were weekly review sessions to go over the homework

Q: Professor reviews (Please comment on the teaching style, etc.)

A1: (F21, Prof: John Kuryian) Kuriyan is very meticulous is pronunciation and the lectures are pretty clear. Sometimes it was a bit sleep-causing though it might be because the class was 3:30 PM.

A2: (F21, Prof: John Kuryian) He is good but very intimidating

A3: (F21, Prof: John Kuryian) Kuriyan might seem intimidating but he does help his students succeed. He explains concepts well, even if his responses may seem kind of curt.

A4: (F21, Prof: John Kuryian) Clearly knows his stuff, pretty passionate about the subject, but often interrupts students while they’re talking

Textbooks and Resources: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kaqp-i0An-7YcqLPdiCcOcHP2RwqpSX1?usp=sharing