David Erle


UCSF Department of Medicine


asthma, cystic fibrosis, airway epithelial cell biology, gene regulation, gene editing

Project Description

We study epithelial cells in the airways because these cells are critical for the pathogenesis of important human diseases, including asthma and cystic fibrosis. We conduct mechanistic studies using cultured primary human airway epithelial cells to address how changes in these cells contribute to airway dysfunction in asthma. We also collaborate with Innovative Genomics Institute researchers at UC Berkeley to test new methods for gene editing to correct mutations that cause cystic fibrosis. A SURP student would work closely with experienced lab members and have the opportunity to be an active participant in our research program and develop skills in modern methods in cell and molecular biology. We recognize that diverse research groups are more productive and encourage diverse applicants to apply.


College-level courses in cell biology, biochemistry, and genetics (at least two of these three areas). Basic lab skills (eg pipetting) gained either through lab courses or previous work or volunteer experience. Experience with cell culture and molecular biology are desirable but not necessary; training in techniques will be provided.

Expected time commitment

Minimum of three full days per week for 2 months (or equivalent)

Preferred start time: