Eva Nogales


MCB at UC Berkeley


Cryo-electron microscopy, Biochemistry, Immunology, Plant biology

Project Description

Plants and animals detect invasion of various pathogens via intracellular receptors that recognize foreign proteins secreted inside the cell. These pathogen-sensing proteins, termed NLRs (Nucleotide-binding Leucine-rich Repeat), share a similar architecture and mechanism overall but understanding how they recognize foreign proteins and further trigger the immune response remains difficult due lack of biochemical and structural studies. In the Nogales lab, we have just recently successfully purified and solved the structure of a plant NLR. Based on our structure, we are testing new hypothesis on how this protein complex behaves in solution, thereby describing the link between pathogen recognition and signaling of the immune response.


The candidate is expected to have a foundation of biochemical knowledge and the desire to expand on it. Previous experience with experimental molecular biology is preferred. Good documentation habits, reliability, patience, eye for detail and the ability to work in a team are very important.

Expected time commitment

15 hours/week

Preferred start time:

April-May 2020